The Challenge

Whipping Childhood Cancer



In order to create awareness and raise funds for Childhood Cancer we have created the Whipping Childhood Cancer Challenge.

To participate All YOU need is a paper plate, whip cream or shaving cream and YOUR cell phone.


1. ACCEPT the challenge, TAKE A PIE TO THE FACE &

2. CHALLENGE your friends to do the same, all while being recorded.

3. POST to all your social media outlets and #whippingchildhoodcancer

4. DONATE $7 or more to


In an effort to bring awareness to the fact that every day 46 children are diagnosed with cancer and 7 children lose their battle with this horrible disease, PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO DONATE $7 (if you accept the CHALLENGE) or $46 (if you don’t) to our organization.


Thank you & Happy Pieing!